Point. Click. Import.

SQL Importer for Windows® boosts data processing automation affordably, allowing your team to import files into SQL Server®, Oracle®, Snowflake®, PostgreSQL®, MySQL®, or MariaDB® with the push of a button. Bulk import multiple files, auto-optimize column lengths, automatically fix broken records, and more.

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Data processing automation

Focus on converted data, not converting data

Cullinet applications replace repetitive data processing tasks with push-button automation to save valuable resources. Automated intelligence happens behind the scenes so your team can spend time on other things.

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Automate processing pain points

Save wear and tear on team members by eliminating problematic processing steps.

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Virtually eliminate human error

Less human intervention where errors commonly occur prevents issues further downstream.

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Redeploy resources

Free up team members for problem-solving and quality-control.

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Simplify operations

Accurately perform data tasks with little or no experience required.

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Accessible to all

Made for anyone, teachable in minutes

Cullinet applications are intuitive and user-friendly. They do all the heavy lifting in the background. No special training or highly technical people required. But your most valuable technical people will love them all the same.


No engineering team required

Problematic wizards, ADF, or SSIS are replaced by simple tools that produce a consistent result without all the ad-hoc manipulation.


Built-in error guards

Get years of experience supporting your team in the background. Our applications actively look for and flag issues that require closer attention, providing extra peace of mind.


Priced for everyone, in donuts or coffee

Desktop applications are licensed annually for about the price of a cup of coffee a week. Give your team Cullinet tools that save without your budget breaking a sweat.

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Measure gains in days of saved staff time annually

Our products save time each time they're used. For problematic data, time savings are even more significant. All of this can easily add up to days of time saved per team member over the course of a year. Your license keys provides enormous value for little cost.

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Prevent costly errors

When users run through complex or simple but repetitive manual processing steps, it's easy for expensive mistakes to be made. Cullinet software eliminates manual, repetitive tasks and dramatically simplifies process flow.

Map database fields

SQL Mapper by Cullinet

Map input fields into destination tables leveraging your full mapping history. Call up any saved mappings from the past. Clearly see what you haven't mapped and what's changed on a file. Validate insert before running. Prevent field mapping issues, catch errors automatically. Coming in 2024.